Mediation, conflict coaching, counselling

Joanne provides mediation for families and organizations, as well as conflict coaching, employee and organizational development. Transitions in family or work life can lead both to conflict and to insights. Separation, blending families, and dealing with eldercare issues at home, and changes at the office lead to many changes and new decisions. When we are making the changes, it is hard to see the range of solutions that we can consider. Working with a mediator, we can explore the options possible for resolutions of the problems in front of us, and we can strategize to identify and head off conflicts for the future. Mediation and conflict coaching are tools to support you in dealing with existing conflicts, and in spotting and heading off potential new ones.

As well as her training as a social worker and mediator, Joanne brings her extensive background as an executive with a record of managing important and sensitive projects. Joanne can help you in working strategically and effectively to address and overcome conflicts and obstacles.

  • Separation and divorce
  • Re-marriage and cohabitation
  • Elder care
  • Individuals and families dealing with disability and supports
  • Child protection matters
  • Community conflicts, such as relations with neighbours
  • Conflicts at work
  • Organizational conflicts, such as disputes on boards of directors, or between work teams
  • Preparing for difficult conversations

Joanne teaches the Mandatory Information Program for parties in litigation on family matters at the Ottawa court house.