Research, policy development, labour relations, and management

Research and program evaluation (18 years)

Ten years of program evaluation:

  • Five years as director of program evaluation at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Doubled the productivity of the unit.
  • Three years as senior evaluator in population health at Health Canada
  • Two years of teaching program evaluation at the master’s level at Carleton University in public administration, and in social work
  • Member of the Canadian Evaluation Society

Seven years of policy research

  • Four years as director, and three years as senior researcher at the National Council of Welfare

Ms Roulston has presented on research and evaluation topics at forums such as the Annual Conference of Federal Regulators, the Canadian Evaluation Society, the Canadian Social Welfare Conference, the Ontario Municipal Social Service Administrators, and the international Seminar of the Public Budget International Association in Puerto Rico. She has also reviewed textbooks and other materials for evaluator development, and provided seminars on research topics.

Social and health policy (20+ years)

Ms Roulston has published extensively, made many public presentations, and provided expert testimony at national and international conferences, at Standing Committees of Parliament, and as a national expert for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in the areas of:

  • Poverty, income security, pensions, employment insurance, welfare
  • Child care, child development, family policy
  • Food safety, food security
  • Government relations with non-governmental, non-profit organizations

Ms Roulston has written several memoranda to Cabinet, and prepared and presented policy briefings to Cabinet members, including several Prime Ministers, Opposition members, and provincial and territorial politicians and senior officials.

Human resources and labour relations (18 years)

Ms Roulston has a unique combination of both management and labour side expertise in workplace relations.

Ms Roulston was a manager in the federal government for thirteen years, supervising staff and consultants, and developing human resources plans. She was a management-side member of the Union Management Consultation Committee for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for five years, working as an executive with the unions to deliver the large changes following the Deficit Reduction Strategy. Ms Roulston has been a management-side committee member on several grievance committees, including those dealing with classification.

Ms Roulston also received extensive training in labour relations from the labour side as a steward for the Public Service Alliance of Canada for five years. Ms Roulston is now a member of the union executive for the part-time professors at Carleton University.

Ms Roulston is a registered social worker, and trained counselor, with experience in mental health assessment. She is also professional mediator, with training by the Canada School of Public Service, is completing the Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution at Carleton University, and is an associate with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators. She currently supervises social work students in field placements in eastern Ontario.